Rajesh (a.k.a. Raju) has an MBA and a PhD in marketing from Rutgers University and is currently Professor of Marketing and Director of Graduate/Global Programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Rajesh assists HG with managing playlists and sound at various HG shows. He also assists HG in their marketing efforts. In his free time, Rajesh is an avid movie-watcher and critic, and he loves watching Indian as well as foreign films. He listens to a lot of Indian music (songs from Tamil, Kannada and Hindi cinema) and loves reading books on a variety of subjects, especially those that explore the parallels between physics, astronomy and world religions. He is also very passionate about his writing – short stories and poems. Above everything else, he dreams of writing screenplays and directing films. Rajesh currently lives in South Brunswick, New Jersey (USA) with his wife and two children.