Interested in a private or public performance by Hidden Gems,? Contact Rajesh Kulkarni:  732-407-4876  or Bharat Parulekar: 732-762-7101. 

Upcoming Community Events

July 22, East Brunswick

July 26, South Brunswick

August 8, Monroe Township

Hidden Gems 

is dedicated to raising funds for humanitarian causes, while providing a stage to showcase the singing, dancing and performing talents of its members. Hidden Gems provides monetary support to other nonprofit organizations that serve social causes and make a positive difference in the lives of those who are under-privileged, facing tribulations, and/or may have been hit with hardships due to circumstances beyond their control. Hidden Gems believes that we as human beings are evolving more into an empathetic and understanding race, embracing our differences, reaching out to those who need a hand. Hidden Gems enables our hosts to participate in the giving process by inviting us for programs, proceeds from which go to support needy causes such as children’s education, upbringing of orphaned and destitute children and soup kitchens. The essence of Hidden Gems is captured in our slogan: 

Sing with Passion, Support a Cause!

For inquiries about private or public performances by Hidden Gems,  contact Rajesh Kulkarni:  732-407-4876  or Bharat Parulekar: 732-762-7101. 

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